Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 76

Today I will not judge another.

WITHOUT JUDGMENT YOU CAN SEE. Without judgment you can learn. Without judgment your mind becomes open. Without judgment you understand yourself. Without judgment you can understand another.

UPON EACH HOUR TODAY, repeat this statement as you witness yourself and the world around you. Repeat this statement and feel its impact. Release your judgments for a few moments, and then feel the contrast and the experience that this will provide for you. Do not judge another today. Allow others to reveal themselves to you. Without judgment you will not suffer under your own crown of thorns. Without judgment you will feel the presence of your Teachers assisting you.

ALLOW YOUR HOURLY PRACTICES TO BE CONSISTENT. If an hour is missed, forgive yourself and rededicate yourself. Errors are to teach you, strengthen you and show you what you need to learn.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANOTHER IS DOING, regardless of how he or she may offend your sensitivities, your ideas or your values, do not judge another today.

Practice 76: Hourly practice.

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