Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 66

I will stop complaining about the world.

COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WORLD MEANS that it is not meeting your idealism. Complaining about the world means that you do not recognize that you have come here to work. Complaining about the world does not help you understand its predicaments. Complaining about the world means you do not understand the world as it is. Your complaints indicate that some expectation has been disappointed. These disappointments are necessary for you to begin to understand the world as it is and to understand yourself as you truly are.

UPON THE HOUR TODAY GIVE THIS AFFIRMATION to yourself and then practice it. Each hour spend a minute not complaining about the world. Do not let the hours go by unattended, but be present for practice. Recognize the extent to which others are complaining about the world and how little it gives them and how little it gives the world. The world has already been condemned by those who dwell within it. If it is to be loved and cultivated, its predicaments must be recognized and its opportunities must be accepted. Who can complain when an environment is given where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed? The world only needs Knowledge and the expressions of Knowledge. How can it be worthy of condemnation?

Practice 66: Hourly practice.

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