Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 63


AS BEFORE, IN YOUR REVIEW review the past week of practice and learn the extent of your involvement and how it can be increased and enhanced. This week your practice has been expanded. It has been taken into the world with you to be applied in all manner of situations, regardless of your emotional states, regardless of the emotional states of those who influence you and regardless of where you are and what you are doing. In this way, everything becomes part of your practice. The world, then, instead of being a fearful place that oppresses you, becomes a useful place to cultivate Knowledge.

REALIZE THE STRENGTH THAT YOU ARE GIVEN when you are able to practice regardless of your emotional states, for you are greater than your emotions, and you need not repress them to realize this. To become objective with your own internal states, you must operate from a position where you can observe them and where you are not dominated by them. This will allow you to become present to yourself and will give you true compassion and understanding. Then you will not be a tyrant with yourself, and tyranny in your life will come to an end.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD, evaluate this prior week as carefully as possible without condemnation. Remember that you are learning how to practice. Remember that you are learning to develop your skills. Remember that you are a student. Be a beginning student, for a beginning student makes few assumptions and wishes to learn everything.

Practice 63: One long practice period.

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