Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 60

I will not judge the world today.

WITHOUT YOUR JUDGMENTS, Knowledge can indicate what you must do and what you must understand. Knowledge represents a greater judgment, but it is a judgment that is very different from your own, for it is not born of fear. It does not possess anger. It is always meant to serve and to nourish. It is just, in that it gives true recognition to every person’s current state without belittling their meaning or their destiny.

DO NOT JUDGE THE WORLD TODAY so that you may see the world as it is. Do not judge the world today so that you may accept the world as it is. Allow the world to be exactly as it is so that you can recognize it. Once the world has been recognized, you will realize how much it needs you and how much you will want to give to it. The world does not need blame. It needs service. It needs truth. And above all, it needs Knowledge.

EVERY HOUR TODAY, TAKE A MOMENT and look at the world without judgment. Repeat the affirmation for today and spend a moment looking at the world without judgment. Regardless of what appearance you may see, whether it pleases you or displeases you, whether you find it beautiful or ugly, whether you think it is worthy or unworthy, look at it without judgment.

Practice 60: Hourly practice.

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