Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 365

I am committed to learn to learn.
I am committed to give what I am meant to give.
I am committed because I am part of life.
I am part of life because I am one with Knowledge.

WHAT IS COMMITMENT but the natural expression of your true desire? It frees you; it does not bind you. It engages you; it does not obligate you. It fortifies you; it does not limit you. True commitment is born of true Knowledge, of which you yourself are born. In this final step in this stage of your preparation, give yourself and your entire day to practice.

HONOR YOURSELF for accomplishing a remarkable and substantial task in completing this one year of preparation. Honor your Knowledge for giving you the desire to participate and the strength to participate. Honor your Knowledge for giving you the vision that is now emerging. Honor all who have served you in your life—your family, your parents, your friends and your seeming enemies and adversaries. Honor all who have enabled you to value Knowledge and who have given you the strength and the resolve to undertake the preparation for Knowledge. Remember your Teachers as well, for they remember you and abide with you even now. Remember that you are a student of Knowledge, and with this you will be able to proceed forward in your preparation.

TODAY UPON THE HOUR and in your two deeper meditation practices, give yourself. Consider all that is given to you. Let this be a day of accomplishment and gratitude. Let this be a day to honor that Knowledge is real in you and that you are real in Knowledge. Open yourself to the next step beyond this program. The next step is awaiting you—a step that will meaningfully engage you with other students of Knowledge, a step that will meaningfully engage you with those who have advanced beyond what you have accomplished thus far, a step that will engage you in serving those who are only beginning to advance in the stage that you have just completed. Thus, you receive from those ahead of you and you give to those behind you. Thus, all are nurtured and supported in their return Home to God. Thus it is that you follow and you lead, you receive and you give. Thus it is that all of your activities become uniform and you find escape from all negative imagination. Thus it is that you are a student of Knowledge. And thus it is that Knowledge blesses you who are meant to bless the world.

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