Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 355

I can be at peace in the world.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE AT PEACE IN THE WORLD because you have brought the source of peace with you. You can be at peace in the world even though the world is a place of active engagement, a place of difficulty, a place of challenge and a place of necessary accomplishment because you carry peace within you and because of the fire of Knowledge. From Knowledge all meaningful thinking and activity emerge—all true inspiration, all important ideas and all great expressions. Yet, Knowledge is greater than its expressions, for it is a light unto the world.

YOU ARE AT PEACE IN THE WORLD because you are with the light of the world, and yet you are engaged in the world because you have come here to work. Only through participation by following each step can you realize that there is no contradiction between peace and work. There is no separation between stillness and activity. This you must fully experience, for it is a complete experience, and your capacity for this experience must be increasingly expanded. Your understanding and comprehension must be continually expanded. Your engagement in life must become increasingly harmonious and uniform. Your discernment regarding relationship must be increased and actually applied. All qualities that are associated with the cultivation of Knowledge must be elevated as well. This will make it possible for you to have peace in the world, for you were meant to have peace in the world. Peace in the world is an expression of your True Home in the world and in this you will find yourself.

Practice 355: Read the lesson three times today.

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