Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 350


ONCE AGAIN REVIEW THE PAST TWO WEEKS of your training, reading each lesson and reviewing each day of practice. Once again develop your ability to be objective. Once again recognize the overall movement of your life—the slow but very important and substantive changes that are occurring within your values, within your engagements with others, within your activities and, most importantly, within your entire sense of yourself.

KEEP IN MIND THAT IMPORTANT CHANGE is gradual and often goes unnoticed until its results become evident. Realize that minor or insignificant change often involves great emotional upheavals where people think that something tremendous has just happened. The greater change is deeper and changes everything. Small, incremental change affects your point of view immediately, but its overall effect is not that lasting. The only exception to this is when your Teachers intervene into your personal sphere to demonstrate their presence or to deliver a message of potency that you absolutely require at that moment. These interventions are rare but can occur on occasion when it is required for your own behalf.

THEREFORE, VIEW THE OVERALL MOVEMENT OF YOUR LIFE. View your life unfolding. This is preparing you for the future, for this program is preparing you for the future. Everything that is taught here you must utilize and reinforce, and you must practice both within the scope of this preparation and far beyond it as well. In your longer practice period today, become a wise observer of your own development. Recognize where your practice needs to be strengthened. Realize that this emanates from your Knowledge. Follow this to the very best of your ability as we now approach the final lessons in this stage of Steps to Knowledge.

Practice 350: One long practice period.

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