Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 345

My Knowledge is my gift to my Spiritual Family.

YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR GIFT TO YOUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY, for you have come into the world not only to advance yourself and the world but to advance your Spiritual Family. Your specific learning group requires that you advance so that it may itself advance, for it is seeking a greater union as well. Throughout time you have been cultivating your range of and capacity for relationship. All of your successes thus far are embodied in the expression and the evidence of your Spiritual Family.

THE RETURN TO GOD IS THE RETURN TO INCLUSION in relationship. This is beyond your ability to comprehend, and it is certainly beyond your ideas and your idealism. It can only be experienced. It must be experienced, and through this experience you will understand that you have come here not only for your own redemption and not only to serve the world, but to serve those who have sent you. In this, your role becomes ever more important. In this, your preparation becomes ever more important. If you think of this, you will know that it is true.

UPON THE HOUR TODAY think of this idea and remember your Spiritual Family, whom you are now learning to remember. In your two deeper meditation practices, re-enter your sanctuary of Knowledge and attempt to experience the presence of your Spiritual Family. If your mind is still, you will realize that they are with you now. How could they be apart from you who cannot be apart from them, and as you are in the world they are with you now.

Practice 345: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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