Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 335

The fire of Knowledge is with me every day.

WHEREVER YOU GO, WHATEVER YOU DO, the fire of Knowledge is burning within you. Feel it burning. Upon the hour feel it burning. Regardless of what you see and what you think, feel the fire of Knowledge burning. This is the presence of Knowledge that you will feel within yourself as you feel the presence of the Teachers all around you. The fire of Knowledge is burning and as you experience this, it will consume all that holds you back—all that haunts and oppresses you, all sense of unworthiness and guilt and all pain and conflict. As these things are consumed, they will no longer cast their influence upon your life, and your life will naturally become more uniform and harmonious.

TODAY YOU TAKE A MAJOR STEP IN THIS DIRECTION by remembering and experiencing the fire of Knowledge upon the hour. In your two deeper practice periods re-enter the fire of Knowledge in the sanctuary of Knowledge. Remember that this fire will comfort you and release you. It will not burn you but will only warm your soul. It will give you comfort and reassurance. It will give you confirmation of the meaning and the purpose of your life and of the greatness that you carry within you.

DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR PRACTICE TODAY, but realize its total benefit to you. Nothing you can see in the world can possibly give you the certainty, the power, the peace and the sense of inclusion that the fire of Knowledge can bestow. Nothing can remind you of your total inclusion in life more than the presence of your Teachers who abide with you. Therefore, you have the experience that you need already, and from this experience you will learn in time to extend it to all your relationships—with others, with the world and with the Greater Community of Worlds in which you live.

Practice 335: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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