Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 330

I will not neglect the small things in my life.

ONCE AGAIN WE AFFIRM THIS IDEA that you not be negligent of those simple, practical tasks that enable you to be a student of Knowledge. Remember you are not attempting to escape the world, but are working on becoming powerful within the world. Therefore, do not neglect those simple, little things that enable you and give you the freedom to become a student of Knowledge. Here all of your activities, even the most mundane and repetitive, can be seen as a form of service and contribution. In this way, all small things, however mundane and repetitive, can serve the world because they represent that you are honoring your True Self. This is the Self that exists in all individuals, the Self that exists in the world and the Self that exists in the Greater Community of Worlds.

BE ATTENTIVE TO THE LITTLE THINGS YOU DO this day and do not neglect them. If you do not fear them, you will not resist them. If you do not resist them, you will be able to attend to them. And as you attend to them, you will be able to give yourself to them. Here Knowledge will express itself in all activities and Knowledge will be taught and reinforced in all activities. The world needs this demonstration, for the world thinks that God, love, true power and inspiration exist only in ideal states and only in ideal situations. The world does not understand that God expresses God everywhere and that Knowledge expresses itself everywhere and in all things.

AS YOU COME TO UNDERSTAND THIS GREAT TRUTH, you will see the presence of Knowledge in all things. You will see Knowledge within the world. You will see Knowledge within yourself. This will give you complete confidence in your own participation and in your own service to Knowledge. You will then realize that you are saving the world time in its evolvement, advancement and salvation. This is so important for your confidence. But it is even more important for you to realize the greatness of Knowledge and the greatness that you will experience within yourself as you learn to receive it.

UPON THE HOUR REMEMBER TODAY’S IDEA and apply it so that you may be conscientious within each hour. In your two deeper meditation practices, re-enter stillness so that you may rekindle your experience of the fire of Knowledge so that the fire of Knowledge may purify and cleanse your mind and free it from all restraint. In this way, you will be able to be in the world more completely, and small things will not be neglected.

Practice 330: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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