Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 328

Today I will honor those who have given to me.

ONCE AGAIN WE AFFIRM THIS LESSON which will affirm the reality of love and giving in the world. Your ideas concerning giving are far too limited and small. They will need to be expanded so that you may recognize the extent of giving in the world.

UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF to remember those who have given to you. Do not only think of those who you are certain have given to you, but remember those who you feel have hurt you, who have denied you or who have stood in your way. Remember them, for they have given something to you as well. They have given you a reminder that Knowledge is necessary, and they have demonstrated to you a life without Knowledge. They have demonstrated to you that Knowledge is attempting to emerge in them as well. Whether they accept or resist this emergence, it is still present and still manifesting itself.

YOU ARE ADVANCING because others have demonstrated their inspiration and their errors to you—their acceptance of Knowledge and their denial of Knowledge. If there were no denial of Knowledge in the world, you could not learn here. You could not recognize the importance of Knowledge. Contrast in learning will teach you what is valuable and what is not, and this will teach you to be compassionate and to be loving. Understanding this will enable you to serve in the world.

UPON THE HOUR RECOGNIZE WHO IS GIVING TO YOU at that moment and recognize who has given to you in the past. In this way, this will be a day of gratitude and appreciation. You will understand how important your preparation is and how many have given themselves to you to serve you so that you may undertake this preparation.

IN YOUR TWO DEEPER MEDITATION PRACTICES, repeat today’s idea and then allow to come into your mind each individual that awaits to be recognized and blessed by you. As you do this, all individuals who need to will present themselves to you. Look and see how they have served you and thank them for their service to you. Thank them for helping you to recognize your need for Knowledge. Thank them for showing you that there is no alternative to Knowledge. And thank them for strengthening your participation in Knowledge. Bless each one and allow the next individual to come to mind. In this way, you will bless all who have been in your life and are in your life currently. In this way, you will learn to appreciate your past and not condemn it. In this way, love will emanate from you naturally, for love must be born of gratitude, and gratitude must be born of true recognition. It is true recognition that you will practice today.

Practice 328: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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