Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 326

The Greater Community is something I can feel but cannot understand.

HOW CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE GREATER COMMUNITY when you can barely understand the community in which you live, let alone the nation in which you live and the world in which you live? Here you must only understand that there is a Greater Community and that it is a larger context in which life expresses itself. As humanity attempts to become one community and as you attempt to become one person instead of many people, you will realize that you emerge into the world as a larger person and the world emerges into the Greater Community as a larger community. Here all individuality seeks community, for in community it finds its true expression, its true contribution and its true role. This is as true for you as it is for the world.

YOU CAN FEEL THIS. It is so evident. You can know this, for this idea is born of Knowledge. Don’t burden yourself with trying to understand all of this, for understanding is not necessary here. Only know and feel the reality of this. As you do this, your understanding will grow naturally. It will not be born of your own fantasy or idealism, but instead will be born of Knowledge and experience. Thus, it will abide with you, serve you and make your life more real and effective.

REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL UNDERSTAND AS YOU PROCEED, for understanding is born of hindsight and true application. Have confidence, then, that your understanding will grow as your participation grows. You need not understand the universe, but you do need to experience it. You need to feel it within yourself and around you. You need to see yourself as one person, you need to see your world as one community and you need to see your universe as a Greater Community that, within a larger sphere of participation, is attempting to unify itself as well. Thus, Knowledge works in all arenas and at all levels of participation—within each person, within each community, within each world, between each world and within the universe as a whole. That is why Knowledge is so great and why, though you receive it within yourself, it is far greater than you can conceive of.

THUS IT IS THAT NOW YOU MAY EXPERIENCE the Greater Community and not separate yourself in attempting to understand it. Understanding comes through participation. Remind yourself of today’s idea upon the hour and in your two deeper practice periods, attempt once again to think actively what this lesson means. Apply it to your experience. Apply it to your perception of the world. Recognize those thoughts that are for it and those that are against it. Recognize the inspiration and hope that this gives you and recognize the anxieties that may be aroused. Take inventory of your thoughts and experiences concerning today’s idea, but do not judge it, for it emanates from Knowledge. It is meant to free you from the disability of your own imagination. It is meant to free you and the world as well.

TODAY UTILIZE YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY to become a student of Knowledge. In this, you will learn to comprehend the meaning of yourself, your world and the Greater Community of Worlds.

Practice 326: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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