Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 318

There is a Greater Power at work in the world.

THERE IS A GREATER POWER AT WORK IN THE WORLD because there is a Greater Power at work in your life, and this Greater Power is at work in the lives of all who dwell here. Even if the majority of the inhabitants of your world are not yet ready to begin the reclamation of Knowledge, Knowledge dwells within them still and casts its influence upon them—an influence which will affect them in certain ways and which they will ignore in other ways. Yet, as you become the recipient and the representative of Knowledge and as you become the vehicle for Knowledge’s expression in the world, you will have the power to activate and to influence all who need to receive Knowledge within themselves. In this way, everything you do, great and small, becomes a blessing upon the world. You who are now learning to give up self-condemnation and to escape ambivalence will see the efficacy of your own Inner Guidance casting its spark of life upon the world. Thus, you become a part of the force for good, a force that is serving a Greater Power in the world.

THE WORLD DEMONSTRATES ITS ERRORS with gravity and magnitude, but these errors are offset by the presence of a Greater Power in the world. Without this Greater Power, humanity would not have evolved this far. Without this Greater Power, all that has been good in your manifestations, all that has served and inspired humanity and all that has spoken of the greatness of Knowledge, directly or indirectly, would not have occurred. The Greater Power in the world has allowed the evolution of humanity to continue and has kept Knowledge alive in the world through individuals such as yourself who, through the spark of their own Knowledge, have been called into preparation so that Knowledge may be reclaimed and expressed and thus kept alive.

THEREFORE, HAVE HOPE BECAUSE A GREATER POWER is in the world. But do not think that this makes you passive. Do not think that this lifts from your shoulders the responsibility that always accompanies the reclamation of Knowledge. This Greater Power in the world requires that you be prepared to receive it and to express it. Your voice is its voice; your hands are its hands; your eyes are its eyes; your ears are its ears; your movement is its movement. It relies upon your preparation and upon your demonstration, as you rely upon it for certainty and as you rely upon it for purpose, meaning and direction. Thus, it is through your reliance upon Knowledge and Knowledge’s reliance upon you that your union with Knowledge is made complete.

UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF that a Greater Power is at work in the world. Think of this as you look upon the world in its ambivalence and error. Think of this when you look upon the world in its magnificence and its inspiring expression. If you will but look without judgment, you will see the amazing presence of Knowledge in the world. This will give you confidence in the world as you are now learning to have confidence in yourself.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, re-enter your sanctuary where you come to give yourself to a Greater Power that is in the world and that is within yourself. Allow your mind to be still so that you may receive and experience this Greater Power in your life. Here you learn to receive that which receives you. Here you learn to recognize that which receives the world and which gives the world its only true hope.

Practice 318: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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