Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 310

I am free because I desire to give.

YOUR FREEDOM WILL BE FULFILLED, your freedom will be completed and your freedom will be reclaimed forever through the contribution of your true gifts to the world. You who are now dedicating yourself to give and are learning of the nature of your gift and your responsibility as a giver are setting the stage for your own freedom and securing your own freedom within the world. Do not be discouraged that the world does not hold your values and do not be dismayed that the world does not share your commitment, for there are many within the world and beyond the world who are undertaking the same preparation as you. There are many who have accomplished your current preparation who now serve the world with all their heart and soul.

THUS, YOU ARE PART OF A GREAT LEARNING COMMUNITY. What you are learning now all of the world must learn eventually, for all must reclaim Knowledge. This is God’s Will. We are now attempting to minimize the amount of time it will take and the difficulty that will be encountered. Yet, we understand that evolution must take its course within the individual and within humanity as well. Thus, Knowledge extends itself to support the true evolution of life so that life may realize itself and fulfill itself. This process continues within you and within the world. You who are claiming your studenthood in Knowledge will claim your advocacy for Knowledge. In this, you will increasingly become a force for good in the world—a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict, a force for peace, a force for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationship.

REMEMBER THIS IDEA UPON THE HOUR throughout the day and in your two deeper practice periods, actively engage your mind in thinking about this. Let your mind be a useful instrument of investigation. Once again review all your ideas and beliefs that are associated with today’s idea. Once again realize how ambivalence is still robbing you of inspiration, robbing you of motivation, robbing you of courage and robbing you of relationship. Strengthen your studenthood and your advocacy for Knowledge so that you may further escape ambivalence this day and receive the certainty that is your inheritance.

Practice 310: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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