Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 308


IN YOUR LONGER PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY undertake the Review of the past two weeks of training according to our previous instructions. This is a very important review period, for you will be reviewing the invocations that have been given to you, and you will be reviewing as well the potency of the task that you are undertaking as a student of Knowledge. Recognize in these past two weeks your own fear of Knowledge. Realize your own fear of the mystery of your life. Recognize any attempts that you might have made to re-enter illusion and imagination. Recognize this contrast in learning which is so essential to your understanding.

REVIEW THIS WITH OBJECTIVITY AND COMPASSION. Know that your ambivalence towards life must be realized and that it will continue to express itself with ever decreasing potency as you come closer and closer to Knowledge. Remember that Knowledge is life itself, the very essence of life. It is changeless and yet expressing itself through change constantly. To experience it, you must strengthen your participation as a student of Knowledge and remember that you are a beginning student of Knowledge so that you cannot rely upon your assumptions. You must receive the curriculum and be guided in applying it. In this way, you will be safe from all misapplication, all misinterpretation and thus safe from error.

THIS REVIEW IS VERY IMPORTANT, for you are now reaching a great turning point in your participation as a student of Knowledge. Knowledge is beginning to have potency now. You are beginning to feel its power. You are beginning to realize its total importance to you. You who have been partial with life in the past are now realizing that life is completely with you and will require that you be completely with it. This is your salvation and your redemption, for here all separation, fear and misery are dispelled. What can you possibly lose to receive such a gift? You lose only your imagination, which has haunted you, threatened you and frightened you. Yet, even your imagination will be given a greater purpose with Knowledge, for it is meant to serve you in a different way.

CARRY ON YOUR REVIEW WITH GREAT DEPTH AND SINCERITY. Do not be concerned how long this takes. Your time cannot be better spent. Review the past two weeks so that you may observe the advancement of Knowledge within yourself. You will need this understanding if you are to support others in the future in reclaiming Knowledge for themselves.

Practice 308: One long practice period.

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