Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 302

I will not resist the world today.

DO NOT RESIST THE WORLD, for the world is the place you have come to serve. It is the place where Knowledge will express itself as you learn to become a vehicle for Knowledge. Allow the world to be as it is, for without your condemnation it will be far easier for you to be in the world, to utilize its resources and to recognize its opportunities.

DO NOT RESIST THE WORLD, for you are from beyond the world. The world is no longer a prison for you but the place for you to contribute. To whatever extent you have not been able to adjust to the world in the past and to whatever extent being in the world has been difficult for you, you are now looking at the world in a new way. You have sought the world to replace Knowledge, and now you are realizing Knowledge is being given to you from your Source. Thus, the world is no longer being used as a substitute for Knowledge and the world can now become a canvas upon which you can express the potency of Knowledge. Thus, the world becomes what it rightfully is in your life. For this reason you do not need to resist the world today.

AS YOU PASS THROUGH THE WORLD THIS DAY, remember this idea upon the hour and let yourself be present to whatever circumstance you are in. Allow your inner life to be still so that Knowledge may exert its influence and its guidance for you. Allow yourself to carry certainty today—the certainty of Knowledge. This is a certainty that you have not invented or constructed for yourself. It abides with you always, in spite of your confusion.

DO NOT RESIST THE WORLD TODAY, for Knowledge is with you. In your longer practice periods, remember this idea both before and after your meditations. In your meditations escape the world into the sanctuary of stillness. The greater your involvement in the sanctuary of stillness, the greater ease you will have in being in the world, for you will not be attempting to use the world as a substitute for your Ancient Home. Here the world becomes beneficial to you, and you become beneficial to the world.

Practice 302: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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