Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 298

Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran

TODAY’S INVOCATION CALLS UPON THOSE who practice Knowledge with you in the Greater Community so that the strength of their undertaking and their great achievements may embellish all of your attempts and all of your practices as a student of Knowledge. Today’s invocation engages your mind with all minds which are engaged in the reclamation of Knowledge in the universe, for you are a citizen of a Greater Community as well as a citizen of your world. You are part of a great undertaking existing both within the world and beyond, for God is at work everywhere. The True Religion, then, is the reclamation of Knowledge. It finds its expression in each world and in each culture, and there it acquires its symbolism and its rituals, but its essence is universal.

PRACTICE UPON THE HOUR REPEATING TODAY’S INVOCATION and as you do so, take a moment to feel its impact. You can find a way to do this in all of your circumstances today, and this will remind you of your Ancient Home and the potency of Knowledge that you carry within you. In your deeper practice periods, repeat your invocation and then enter into the sanctuary of Knowledge in stillness and in humility. When your practice period is complete, once again repeat today’s invocation. Allow your mind to engage itself with that which is beyond the limited scope of human involvement, for Knowledge speaks of a greater life within the world and beyond. It is this greater life which you must now entertain. It is this greater life which you must now receive, for you are a student of Knowledge. Knowledge is greater than the world, but Knowledge has come to the world to serve.

Practice 298: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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