Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 288

Enemies are only friends who have not learned to join.

THERE ARE NO TRUE ENEMIES IN LIFE, for all war and conflict are born of confusion. This you must understand. A life without Knowledge can only be confused and must create its own inner guidance system, which is merely the ideas and beliefs with which it identifies itself. Thus, individuals have their own individual purpose and self-identity. These evaluations clash with those of other individuals, and thus one to one, group to group, nation to nation and world to world, war is generated and waged.

IN KNOWLEDGE THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, for in Knowledge all are your friends. You recognize each person to be at whatever stage of development he or she is currently engaged. You may become involved with some of them, and with some of them you may not. Some of them may be able to receive your contribution directly, while others will need to receive it indirectly. But they are all your friends. There is no opposition in Knowledge, for there is only one Knowledge in the universe. It expresses itself through each individual. As each individual becomes more purified as a vehicle for Knowledge, as each individual becomes a greater recipient of Knowledge and as each individual follows Knowledge and becomes responsible to Knowledge, then the opportunity for him or her to be in conflict will diminish and eventually will disappear.

RECOGNIZE, THEN, THAT ALL WAR AND CONFLICT simply express a lack of capacity for those involved to join. When individuals join, they recognize a common need, which becomes their primary need. This must be born of Knowledge and not idealism if it is to be actualized. It must be born of Knowledge and not mere philosophy if it is to lead to true action and true involvement. Thus, you become a peacemaker and a peacekeeper in the world as you follow as a student of Knowledge. The stronger Knowledge is within you, the weaker will be your fear and ambivalence. In this way, war within you will be ended, and your life will be a demonstration that war is unnecessary.

DEDICATE YOURSELF TODAY TO ENDING WAR within the world by ending war within yourself so that you may be a peacemaker and a peacekeeper. Upon the hour remind yourself of today’s lesson and apply it to the world that you see around you. Apply it to all of the conflicts in the world of which you are aware. Try to understand its complete relevancy to these conflicts. This will require that you see these conflicts from a different point of view in order to realize the full impact and meaning of today’s idea. It is this point of view that you must cultivate, for you must learn to see as Knowledge sees, to think as Knowledge thinks and to act as Knowledge acts. All this you will most certainly accomplish as you follow Knowledge each day.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS return to stillness and silence so that you may strengthen your ability to cultivate and prepare yourself to be an emissary of Knowledge in the world. This is your responsibility today. This will permeate all of your other activities and give them value and meaning, for today you are a student of Knowledge.

Practice 288: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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