Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 276

Knowledge is my salvation.

KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR SALVATION, for it leads you out of your hopeless predicament which is born of attempting to live in fantasy and imagination. It leads you into the brightness and the clarity of reality. It guides your action and your thinking so that both may be effective and lead to true self-realization. Thus, God has given you the greatest possible gift: the means within yourself to correct all error, to resolve all confusion and conflict and to set your life on a true course that is aimed at your true destiny. Here you become empowered and honored and your self-worth is reclaimed. It is your value that must be reclaimed to you. God does not require that God’s value be reclaimed, for it has never been lost. But your value to yourself has been lost, and this can only be reclaimed by following a Greater Plan not of your own making, but which has been created for your total welfare.

WHEN YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH OF YOUR LIFE has been wasted in ambivalence and how few results that has produced, then you will recognize the great need for Knowledge. This will give you the strength and the conviction to proceed in your preparation with the greatest possible self-involvement. Once you recognize your true need, then you will be able to recognize the true remedy that has been provided.

THUS, YOU AS A STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE WILL REALIZE with clarity of mind and simplicity of truth exactly what is necessary, for Knowledge is your salvation. Remember this upon the hour and think of it in light of your recent practices. In your deeper meditations, allow yourself to enter stillness completely, recognizing that you are engaging yourself with the means for your own salvation and through you the salvation of the world.

Practice 276: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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