Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 263

With Knowledge all things become clear.

WHY ENGAGE IN ADDITIONAL SPECULATION? Why project further blame or judgment? Why make your life more complex and more frustrating when all things become clear with Knowledge? Why make your mind more complex? Why attribute more and more qualities to yourself? Why invent new levels of thinking and being when with Knowledge all things become clear? Why project more and more distinctions upon the world? Why make the world seem so hopelessly complex and meaningless when with Knowledge all things become clear?

YOU HAVE ONLY TO LEARN TO BE WITH KNOWLEDGE to see what Knowledge sees, to do what Knowledge does and to have the peace of Knowledge, the grace of Knowledge, the inclusion of Knowledge, the relationships of Knowledge and all that Knowledge contains, which the world cannot possibly duplicate.

IN YOUR TWO DEEPER PRACTICES return to being with Knowledge, in humility and simplicity, in stillness and in silence. Breathe Knowledge in. Allow Knowledge to enter and fill your body. Allow yourself to be immersed in Knowledge and all things will become clear, for with Knowledge all things become clear and all questions disappear.

Practice 263: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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