Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 255

The errors of this world will not dissuade me.

DO NOT LET CONFUSION DISSUADE YOU, for all error is born of confusion. Remember that when individuals are without Knowledge, they can only commit error and express their confusion. They can only practice confusion, and they can only serve confusion. This, then, will teach you to value what is valuable and to recognize what is meaningless. This will teach you that you are always in service to that which you value; you are always fortifying that which you value; you are always practicing that which you value.

NOW YOU ARE LEARNING TO VALUE KNOWLEDGE. You are learning to practice Knowledge. You are learning to recognize Knowledge. And you are learning to serve Knowledge. This is the demonstration that you require. Do not let the confusion of the world dissuade you, for it reminds you of your great need. How can the errors of the world dissuade you when they should encourage you? Correctly seen, they will only prompt you to give yourself more fully to your preparation now. This preparation in which you are engaged holds the promise of activating Knowledge in you. You need only follow its steps.

YOU WILL NOT FIND REFUGE IN THE WORLD. You have already attempted this, and it has failed you again and again, as it will fail you again and again if you pursue it any further. It is you who must give to the world because it is you who have Knowledge.

THEREFORE, RECEIVE KNOWLEDGE THIS DAY in your hourly practices and in your deeper practice periods. Do not let the errors of the world dissuade you. Let the errors of the world prompt you and inspire you towards Knowledge, for this is part of the gift of the world to you. The other part of the gift of the world is to be the arena where you allow Knowledge to contribute itself through you. Here the world is blessed and you are blessed. Then, you will be grateful for the errors of the world and for the accomplishments of the world, for one stimulates Knowledge and the other fulfills Knowledge. Therefore, this day learn to think correctly so that your mind may be a useful servant to Knowledge and so that all aspects of yourself may be honored.

Practice 255: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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