Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 252


LET YOUR REVIEW OF EACH LESSON in the past two weeks be a confirmation of the presence of Knowledge in your life. Review each lesson and practice. Review objectively the extent of your involvement and realize the opportunities to give yourself more fully and more completely. Realize how meaningless your denial is and how great the promise of your reward, given your participation in life. You will realize this as you review your practices, for your practices demonstrate your ambivalence towards Knowledge and the presence of Knowledge itself.

YOU WILL LEARN IN TIME that as you come closer to Knowledge, all things that are meaningful and valuable will be affirmed, and as you go away from Knowledge, you will enter the darkness of your own imagination. This, then, will convince you of where you need to apply yourself. This will convince you of the great presence that is with you to assist you. This will convince you that you are included in life and that your Teachers are with you. Whatever obstacle or inadequacy that you can recognize or imagine can be easily overcome with Knowledge. It is your desire for Knowledge and your capacity for Knowledge that need to be strengthened. And once this is done, Knowledge will express itself and you will be the beneficiary of life’s greatest gift.

IN YOUR LONGER REVIEW TODAY, allow yourself to undertake your practice with great depth and sincerity. Allow this day to affirm your student hood. Allow this day to affirm that you have been saved.

Practice 252: One long practice period.

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