Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 242

My greatest gift to the world is my Knowledge.

THIS IS YOUR GREATEST GIFT. It is the gift that imbues all other giving and gives it meaning. This is the gift that gives value to all human expression, all human endeavor and all human invention that is intended to support the well-being of humanity in its evolution. Knowledge is not something that you can quantify and give, as if you put it into a package or delineate it with your ideas. It is a presence and a quality of life that is the very essence of life. It makes all giving and contribution meaningful.

THIS IS YOUR GREATEST GIFT, which you are now learning to receive. As you receive it, it will give itself naturally, for you cannot keep Knowledge for yourself. Once it emerges, it begins to express itself in all directions and specifically in certain directions and in certain involvements with certain people according to its design and Wisdom. Thus, if you receive Knowledge, it must be given. It will give itself, and you will want to give it because you possess wealth, and wealth can only be increased through giving. Thus, in essence, life is all about the giving of Knowledge. Wherever this giving cannot be accomplished, there is all manner of deception, disappointment and despair. But when giving is reactivated in these circumstances, these qualities of denial will be dispelled, and Knowledge will once again begin to express itself in very specific ways.

THEREFORE, UPON THE HOUR remind yourself of this great truth, and in your deeper meditations allow yourself to experience Knowledge. Allow yourself to receive it. Give yourself to this application of your mind and your body. In this, Knowledge will give itself, and you will be fulfilled because you have given life the greatest gift that can be given.

Practice 242: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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