Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 238


WE SHALL BEGIN YOUR TWO-WEEK REVIEW WITH THIS INVOCATION: “I AM SENT INTO THE WORLD TO SERVE MY SPIRITUAL FAMILY which serves this world and all worlds in the physical universe. I am part of a Greater Force for good, and I am a beginning student of Knowledge. I am grateful for the gift that has been given, which I am now beginning to comprehend. In complete faithfulness and devotion, I will continue my practice today so that I may appreciate the value of my own life. ”

FOLLOWING THIS INVOCATION BEGIN YOUR LONG REVIEW. Begin with the first lesson of the two-week period, review the instructions and your practice, and then proceed on day by day. When you have completed your Review, once again repeat the invocation for today and then spend several minutes in silence. In this period of stillness begin to feel the power of what you are undertaking. The power of Knowledge and the grace that it bestows upon the world is what you will be learning to receive and to express in the days and weeks to come.

Practice 238: One long practice period.

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