Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 216

There is a Spiritual Presence in my life.

THE SPIRITUAL PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE is ever with you, ever available to you and ever reminding you to look beyond your own judgments. It is forever providing for you the support, the assistance and the guidance necessary to minimize the wrong application of your mind and to strengthen the right application of your mind to allow Knowledge to arise within you.

YOU ARE NOW LEARNING TO RECEIVE and to respect this Spiritual Presence, and in time you will realize its great importance to you and to the world. This will generate greatness and humility all at once within you, for you will realize that you are not the source of your greatness, but the vehicle for its expression. This will keep you in true proportion and relationship to that which you serve. In relationship you receive all of the benefits of that which you claim to be your own. And yet, with Knowledge you will not become self-aggrandized because you will realize your own limitations and the depth of your own need for Knowledge. With this understanding, you will realize and accept the source of life. With this, you will realize that you are in the world to serve Knowledge and that the world is meant to be the recipient of Knowledge.

THERE IS A SPIRITUAL PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE. Feel this upon the hour as you repeat today’s idea. In your two deeper practice periods enter deeply into this Presence, for this Presence is most assuredly with you and wishes to give itself to you this day.

Practice 216: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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