Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 210


TODAY REVIEW THE PAST TWO WEEKS OF PREPARATION, reading each lesson as it is given and recalling your practice for that day. In your long practice period today once again begin to assess the progression of events and all of your practices. Begin to see that there is a relationship between how you apply your mind and what you experience as a result. View your life objectively, without guilt or blame, so that you may understand how your life is truly emerging.

YOUR LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY will see you engaging your mind actively on its behalf. You are learning to become objective about your own progress as a student. You are learning to become objective about the nature of learning itself. You are learning to become objective so that you may see. Allow this Review, then, to give you greater perspective about the work of Knowledge in the world and the presence of Knowledge in your life.

Practice 210: One long practice period.

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