Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 208

All things I truly value will be expressed from Knowledge.

ALL THINGS THAT ARE MOST HIGHLY VALUED in human life— love, patience, devotion, tolerance, forgiveness, true accomplishment, courage and faith—all naturally arise from Knowledge, for Knowledge is their source. They are but the outward expression of a mind that is serving Knowledge. Thus, they need not be forced upon oneself through arduous self-discipline. They arise naturally, for the mind serving Knowledge can only exemplify its own greatness and its own capabilities. What requires self-discipline is to reorient your focus, to reorient your devotion and to reorient your service. You either serve Knowledge or you serve the substitutes for Knowledge, for in all things you must serve.

UPON THE HOUR REPEAT THIS IDEA to yourself so that you may consider it throughout the day. In your two deeper practice periods, engage your mind actively to consider the depth of this idea. You must think constructively here. Do not simply weave images for yourself that you find enjoyable. Do not simply make judgments that you find abrasive to yourself or others. Learn again through practice to become objective in applying your mind. Allow your mind to deepen its involvement. Do not be satisfied with simple answers that you find comforting.

THINK OF EXAMPLES OF WHAT WE HAVE SPOKEN OF TODAY, for there are examples that you can recognize. All things you truly value will emanate from Knowledge, for Knowledge is their source.

Practice 208: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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