Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 206

Love is flowing from me now.

LOVE IS FLOWING FROM YOU, and today you can attempt to experience this and to release those things that obstruct it. Without judgment, without illusion, without fantasy and without the limitations of a purely human viewpoint, you will see that love is flowing from you. You will see that all your frustration in life is your inability to experience and to express this love which wishes to flow from you. Regardless of the circumstances in which your frustration arises, it is always because you cannot express love. Your evaluation of difficulties and dilemmas can certainly conceal this fact but cannot deny its existence.

UPON THE HOUR ALLOW LOVE TO FLOW FROM YOU, realizing that you do not need to engage in any form of behavior, for love will arise naturally from you like fragrance from a flower. In your deeper practices, allow your mind to become still so that love may flow from you. In this, you will realize the natural function of your mind and the greatness of Knowledge, which is within you but is not yours to own.

DO NOT LET ANY SELF-DEPRECATING IDEAS or self-doubts dissuade you from this opportunity today. Without your interference, love will flow naturally from you. You do not need to put on any pretense. You do not need to acquire any form of behavior for this to happen. Your behavior in time will represent that which flows from you naturally. Allow love to flow from you naturally today.

Practice 206: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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