Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 203

The Greater Community is influencing the world I see.

IF YOU CAN ACCEPT THAT YOUR WORLD IS PART of a Greater Community, which is simply obvious if you will look, then you must accept that the world is being influenced by the Greater Community, for the world is part of a Greater Community and cannot be independent of it. How the Greater Community is influencing your world is beyond your current ability to comprehend. But to understand that the world is being influenced allows you to view it from a greater perspective, which from a purely human viewpoint you would not be able to accomplish, for a purely human viewpoint does not allow for other intelligent life to exist. The absurdity of this point of view becomes quite evident as you begin to look at the universe objectively. This will inspire in you wonder, greater interest and caution as well. This is very important because the world is being influenced by the Greater Community, and you are part of the world that is being influenced.

AS THE PHYSICAL WORLD THAT YOU LIVE IN is being influenced by greater physical forces beyond your visual range, so the world mentally is being influenced by intelligent life that is engaged with your world. This intelligent life represents forces for good and forces for ignorance as well. In this, you must come to comprehend a fundamental truth: Weaker minds are influenced by stronger minds. This is true in your world and in all worlds. Beyond the physical, this does not hold true, but in physical life this is the case. That is why you are engaged now in making your mind strong and learning to respond to Knowledge, which represents the force for good everywhere in the universe. As you become stronger, you come to understand and comprehend more and more. Thus, your mind must be cultivated in Knowledge to become stronger so that it may serve a true cause.

TODAY, UPON THE HOUR, repeat the idea for the day and in your two deeper practice periods, attempt to concentrate on the words that we are giving you here. Use your mind actively. Do not allow it to stray and find refuge in meaningless or little things. Think of the greatness of these ideas, but do not consider them fearfully, for fear is not called for. What is called for is objectivity so that you may comprehend the greatness of your world, your universe and your opportunity within it.

Practice 203: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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