Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 199

The world I see is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.

WITHOUT THE LIMITATION OF A PURELY HUMAN VIEWPOINT, you will be able to see the evolution of your world in a greater context. Viewing the world without the distortion of your personal wishes and fears, you will be able to observe its greater movement and discern its overall direction. It is essential, then, that you realize the direction of your world because this is the context that gives meaning to your purpose and to your specific calling while you are here in this world. For you have come to serve the world in its present evolution, and your gifts are meant to serve it in its life to come.

YOUR WORLD IS PREPARING TO ENTER into a Greater Community. The evidence of this is everywhere if you but look. Without belief or denial, things can simply be recognized. In this, life’s demonstration is obvious and need not be discerned from complexities. What makes life complex is that people want life to be what life is not, they want themselves to be what they are not and they want their destiny to be what it is not. Then they attempt to gain from life that which confirms their own idealism, and because life cannot confirm this, all becomes distressed, conflicted and complex. The mechanism of life may be complicated in its minute details, but the meaning of life is directly obvious to anyone who looks without the distortion of judgment or preference.

RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR WORLD IS PREPARING TO EMERGE into the Greater Community. Do this without embellishing this recognition with your own imagination. You need not give form to the future. Only understand the present course of your world. In this, the meaning of your own inherent abilities and their future application will become ever more evident to you.

UPON THE HOUR REPEAT THIS STATEMENT and consider it seriously, for it is the absolute foundation of your life and it is necessary that you understand this. It is not mere belief; it is the evolution of the world. Within your two deeper meditation practices today, engage your mind actively in considering this idea. Look at your own beliefs that speak for or against this idea. Look at your own feelings about it. Examine yourself objectively as you attempt to engage with this powerful idea. This is a time for mental engagement. Utilize your practice periods with complete dedication and involve yourself completely. Allow your mind to penetrate the superficiality of its own surface ideas.

IN KNOWLEDGE EVERYTHING BECOMES STILL AND QUIET. Everything becomes known. Here you begin to discern the difference between knowing and thinking. You realize how thinking may only serve in the preparation for Knowledge, but that Knowledge far exceeds the range and grasp of any individual’s thinking. Here you will understand how the mind can serve your spiritual nature. Here you will understand the evolution of the world.

Practice 199: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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