Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 196


TODAY REVIEW THE PAST TWO WEEKS OF PREPARATION. Read each day’s instructions and then review your experience of practice for that day. Begin with the first day in the two-week period, and follow each day step by step. You will now begin to review your preparation in two-week intervals. This is given you to do now because your perception and comprehension are beginning to bud and to grow.

REMEMBER EACH DAY. Try to recall your practice and experience. The lessons themselves will recall this experience to you if you have forgotten. Try to see the progression of learning so that you may understand how to learn. Try to see that which confirms Knowledge and that which denies Knowledge within yourself so that you may learn to work with these tendencies.

BECOMING A TRUE STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE will require greater self-discipline, greater consistency of application and greater acceptance of worth than anything you have undertaken thus far. Following prepares you to become a leader, for all great leaders are great followers. If the source of your leadership represents goodness and truth, then you surely must learn to follow it. And to follow it, you must learn how to learn of it, how to receive it and how to give it.

LET YOUR LONG REVIEW TIME TODAY, which may exceed two hours of involvement, be a review of the past two weeks, keeping all of these things in mind. Become objective about your life. There is no condemnation that is necessary here, for you are learning to learn, you are learning to follow and you are learning to employ Knowledge, as Knowledge will certainly employ you. Here Knowledge and you come together in true matrimony and in true harmony. Then Knowledge is more powerful, and you are more powerful. There is no inequality here, and all things find their natural course of expression.

USE THIS REVIEW TO FURTHER and deepen your comprehension of your preparation, keeping in mind that understanding always comes in hindsight. This is a great truth in The Way of Knowledge.

Practice 196: One long practice period.

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