Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 189

My Spiritual Family exists in all places.

YOUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY IS GREATER THAN YOU REALIZE. It exists in many worlds. Its influence is everywhere. That is why it is so meaningless to consider yourself to be alone when you are part of something so great that serves the greatest of all purposes. You must relinquish your self-condemnation and your sense of littleness to know this, for you have identified with your behavior in the world, which is little. You have identified with your personal mind and your physical body, which are little. Yet, now you are beginning to realize your relationship with life itself through Knowledge, which is great. This is done without punishing the personal mind or the physical body, for they become useful and enjoyable as they learn to serve a greater purpose. Then the body has health and the personal mind is utilized, rendering them meaning which they now lack.

YOUR PHYSICAL NEED IS FOR HEALTH, but your health is to serve a greater purpose. You need right utilization for your personal mind, which will give it meaning and value, for it only seeks to be included in that which is meaningful. What enables your personal mind and your physical body to find their rightful place in your life is Knowledge, which provides purpose, meaning and direction for you.

THIS IS TRUE IN ALL WORLDS. This is true throughout the physical universe of which you are a citizen. Expand your view of yourself so that you may learn to be objective about your world. Do not merely cast human values, assumptions and goals upon your world, for this blinds you to the world’s purpose and evolution and makes it far more difficult for you to appreciate that you are a citizen of a greater life.

TODAY, IN YOUR TWO LONGER PRACTICES, engage your mind in active investigation of this idea. Spend the first fifteen minutes engaged in this investigation in both of your two longer practice periods. Try to seriously investigate the meaning of today’s idea. Then, when your investigation is complete, allow your mind to re-enter stillness. Realize the contrast between active mental engagement and mental stillness. Understand that both are important and complement one another. Upon the hour repeat the idea and consider it as you view the world around you.

Practice 189: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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