Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 171

My giving is an affirmation of my wealth.

YOUR GIVING IS AN AFFIRMATION OF YOUR WEALTH because you give from your own wealth. It is not the giving of objects that we speak of here, for you may give away all your possessions and then have none left over. But when you give Knowledge, Knowledge increases. And when you imbue your gift of an object with Knowledge, Knowledge increases. That is why when you receive Knowledge, you will want to give it because this is the natural expression of your own receptivity.

HOW CAN YOU EXHAUST KNOWLEDGE when Knowledge is the power and the Will of the universe? How small your vehicle, how great the substance that expresses itself through you. How great your relationship with life, and how great, then, are you who are with life. There is no conceit here. There is no self-inflation here, for you realize that you are small and great all at once, and you acknowledge the source of your smallness and the source of your greatness. You acknowledge the value of your smallness and the value of your greatness. You acknowledge all life, then, and nothing is left out of your great evaluation of yourself, which is born of love and true understanding. This, then, is the understanding that you must cultivate over time, realizing again that your efforts to do so are embellished by the efforts of others, who are also students of Knowledge in your world. Even students in other worlds embellish your efforts, for in Knowledge there is no time and distance. Thus, you have great support available to you now, and in this you realize your true relationship with life.

PRACTICE UPON THE HOUR and in your deeper meditations, allow the word RAHN to take you into Knowledge. Silently and in stillness, as you sink into the depths of Knowledge, receive the peace and the confirmation that are your birthright.

Practice 171: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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