Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 168


REVIEW THE WEEK THAT HAS PASSED. Review each lesson as it was given and each practice that you experienced. Review the entire week so that you may fortify the learning that you are now undertaking. Remember that you are learning to learn. Remember that you are a beginning student of Knowledge. Remember that your evaluation, if it is not born of Knowledge, will not be helpful. Without this evaluation, it will be apparent how to strengthen your involvement, how to strengthen your preparation and how to make adjustments in your outer life to support you in your endeavor. This can be done without self-condemnation. It can be done because it is necessary, and you are able to respond to that which is necessary without punishing yourself or the world. This preparation is necessary, for it represents your will.

IN YOUR LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY, review the week with sincerity and depth. Give this your full attention so that you may receive the gifts that you are now preparing to receive.

Practice 168: One long practice period.

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