Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 147


IN YOUR REVIEW THIS WEEK allow yourself to realize the lessons that are being presented to you. Take special care to recognize the empowerment that is being offered to you as you exert your will for good. Note as well the requirement that you accept yourself beyond your current understanding, that you honor yourself beyond your current evaluation of yourself and that you experience life beyond your own thoughts and prejudices. Recognize the opportunity that is being given to you, and realize that each moment that you spend in sincere application furthers your progress tremendously and establishes a permanent advancement for you. If you think of what you would want to give to the world, give your advancement. From this all good things which you have come to give, according to your nature and your design, will be given completely. Thus, your gift to the world now is your preparation so that you may learn to give.

IN YOUR LONG PRACTICE PERIOD, review the past week—your lessons, your practices, your experiences, your accomplishments and your difficulties. View this objectively and determine how you may give yourself to your practices more completely in the future.

Practice 147: One long practice period.

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