Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 140


TODAY YOU COMPLETE TWENTY WEEKS OF PRACTICE. You have come this far, and from here you will proceed on with greater strength and certainty, for Knowledge will begin to guide you and to motivate you increasingly as you become attentive to it. You wish to be the servant and the Master all at once because the servant is in you and the Master is in you. You personally are not the Master, but the Master is in you. You personally are a servant, but you are in relationship with the Master, and so your union is complete. Thus, all aspects of yourself find their rightful place. All things are brought into alignment and harmony with one purpose and one goal. Your life is simple because it is in harmony and in balance. Knowledge will indicate all things that must be done for you—physically, emotionally and mentally—to develop this balance and to maintain it in your current circumstances. Think not that any vital aspect will be overlooked or left undone.

CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT thus far. Review the past six days of practice and gauge your understanding of your progress appropriately. Allow yourself to be a beginning student of Knowledge so that you may receive the very most. You will proceed on from here with greater certainty and speed and greater involvement as well as you learn to utilize all things for your benefit.

Practice 140: One long practice period.

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