Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 102

There is much I must unlearn.

YOUR LIFE IS FULL OF YOUR OWN NECESSITIES AND IDEAS, full of your own requirements and ambitions, full of your own fears and full of your own complications. Thus, your vehicle for giving is burdened and cluttered, and your energy is largely misappropriated. That is why it is God’s first step to unburden you. Until this happens you will simply attempt to resolve your situation without knowing what to do, without understanding your predicament and without accepting the assistance that you will surely need in time. Therefore, accept your unlearning, for it will unburden you and give you reassurance that a greater life is possible and inevitable for you who have come here to give.

UPON THE HOUR REPEAT THIS STATEMENT and consider it. View its reality in terms of your perception of the world. In your two longer practice periods, once again practice mental stillness in silence, where nothing is attempted and where nothing is avoided. You are only engaging your mind to be still so that it may learn to respond upon its own to that which calls to it. With each step you make in your unlearning, Knowledge will fill in that which had replaced it. This is instantaneous, for you are only moving yourself into a position to receive so that your giving may be generous, genuine and fulfilling to you.

Practice 102: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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