Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 100

Today I am a beginning student of Knowledge.

YOU ARE A BEGINNING STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. Accept this starting place. Do not claim more for yourself, for you do not understand the road to Knowledge. On the road to greater assumptions you may have garnered great rewards for yourself, but that leads in another direction from the road to Knowledge, where all things that are unreal are relinquished and all things that are genuine are embraced. The road to Knowledge is not a road that people have imagined for themselves, for it is not born of imagination.

THEREFORE, BE A BEGINNING STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. Upon the hour repeat this statement and give it serious consideration. Regardless of your view of yourself, whether it is exalted or diminished, no matter what you have done before, no matter what you consider your accomplishments to be, you are a beginning student of Knowledge. As a beginning student you will want to learn everything that can be learned, and you will not have the burden of defending that which you think you have claimed already. This will ease your burden in life considerably and give you the possibility for true motivation and enthusiasm, which are lacking now.

BE A BEGINNING STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. Begin your two longer practice periods with this affirmation and allow yourself to sit in stillness and to receive. Without petitions, without questions and without expectations or demands, allow your mind to be quiet, for you are a beginning student of Knowledge and do not yet know what to ask for or what to expect.

Practice 100: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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