Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps 76-100

Step 76: Today I Will Not Judge Another.
Step 77: Review
Step 78: I Can Do Nothing Alone.
Step 79: I Will Allow Uncertainty To Exist Today.
Step 80: I Can Only Practice.
Step 81: I Will Not Deceive Myself Today.
Step 82: I Will Not Judge Another Today.
Step 83: I Value Knowledge Beyond All Things.
Step 84: Review
Step 85: I Find Happiness In Small Things Today.
Step 86: I Honor Those Who Have Given To Me.
Step 87: I Will Not Be Afraid Of What I Know.
Step 88: My Higher Self Is Not An Individual.

Step 89: My Emotions Cannot Dissuade My Knowledge.
Step 90: Today I Will Make No Assumptions.
Step 91: Review
Step 92: There Is A Role For Me To Play In The World.
Step 93: I Am Sent Here For A Purpose.
Step 94: My Freedom Is To Find My Purpose.
Step 95: How Can I Possibly Fulfill Myself?
Step 96: Godís Will Is For Me To Be Unburdened.
Step 97: I Do Not Know What Fulfillment Is.
Step 98: Review
Step 99: I Will Not Blame The World Today.
Step 100: Today I Am A Beginning Student Of Knowledge.


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Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989 by modern day prophet Marshall Vian Summers, and has been translated into 12 languages.

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