Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps 26-50

Step 26: My Errors Give Birth To My Knowledge.
Step 27: I Have A Wisdom That I Wish To Discover.
Step 28: Review
Step 29: I Will Observe Myself Today To Learn Of Knowledge.
Step 30: Today I Will Observe My World.
Step 31: I Wish To See A World I Have Never Seen Before.
Step 32: The Truth Is With Me. I Can Feel It.
Step 33: I Have A Mission In My Life To Fulfill.
Step 34: I Am A Beginning Student Of Knowledge.
Step 35: Review
Step 36: My Life Is A Mystery To Explore.
Step 37: There Is A Way To Knowledge.

Step 38: God Knows The Way To Knowledge.
Step 39: The Power Of God Is With Me.
Step 40: Today I Will Feel The Power Of God.
Step 41: I Am Not Afraid Of The Power Of God.
Step 42: Review
Step 43: My Will Is To Know God.
Step 44: I Wish To Know My Own Strength.
Step 45: Alone I Can Do Nothing.
Step 46: I Must Be Small To Be Great.
Step 47: Why Do I Need Teachers?
Step 48: True Instruction Is Available To Me.
Step 49: Review
Step 50: Today I Will Be With Knowledge.


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Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989 by modern day prophet Marshall Vian Summers, and has been translated into 12 languages.

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