Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps 226-250

Step 226: Knowledge Is With Me. I Will Not Be Afraid.
Step 227: I Will Not Think That I Know Today.
Step 228: I Will Not Be Poor Today.
Step 229: I Will Not Blame Another For My Pain.
Step 230: My Suffering Is Born Of Confusion.
Step 231: I Have A Calling In This World.
Step 232: My Calling In Life Requires The Development Of Others.
Step 233: I Am Part Of A Greater Force For Good In The World.
Step 234: Knowledge Serves Humanity In All Ways.
Step 235: The Power Of Knowledge Is Becoming Evident To Me.
Step 236: With Knowledge I Will Know What To Do.
Step 237: I Am Only Beginning To Comprehend The Meaning Of My Life.
Step 238: Review

Step 239: Freedom Is Mine Today.
Step 240: Small Ideas Cannot Fulfill My Need For Knowledge.
Step 241: My Anger Is Unjustified.
Step 242: My Greatest Gift To The World Is My Knowledge.
Step 243: I Do Not Need To Be Special To Give.
Step 244: I Am Honored When Others Are Strong.
Step 245: When Others Fail, I Am Reminded Of The Need For Knowledge.
Step 246: There Is No Justification For Failing To Reclaim Knowledge.
Step 247: I Will Listen to My Inner Teachers Today.
Step 248: I Will Rely Upon The Wisdom Of The Universe To Instruct Me.
Step 249: Alone I Can Do Nothing.
Step 250: I Will Not Hold Myself Apart Today.


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Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989 by modern day prophet Marshall Vian Summers, and has been translated into 12 languages.

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