Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps 151-175

Step 151: I Will Not Use Fear To Support My Judgments.
Step 152: I Will Not Follow Fear Within The World.
Step 153: My Source Wishes To Express Itself Through Me.
Step 154: Review
Step 155: The World Blesses Me As I Receive.
Step 156: I will not be concerned about myself today.
Step 157: I am not alone in the universe.
Step 158: I am rich so I can give.
Step 159: The poor cannot give. I am not poor.
Step 160: The world is poor, but I am not.
Step 161: Review
Step 162: I will not be afraid today.
Step 163: I will feel Knowledge today.

Step 164: Today I will honor what I know.
Step 165: My duties are small. My mission is great.
Step 166: My mission is great. Therefore, I am free to do small things.
Step 167: With Knowledge I am free in the world.
Step 168: Review
Step 169: The world is within me. This I know.
Step 170: I am following the Ancient Rite of preparation today.
Step 171: My Giving Is An Affirmation Of My Wealth.
Step 172: I Must Reclaim My Knowledge.
Step 173: Today I Will Do What Is Necessary.
Step 174: My Life Is Necessary.
Step 175: Review


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Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989 by modern day prophet Marshall Vian Summers, and has been translated into 12 languages.

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